How To Use Jing



Are you a visual person?

Do you find it easier to follow instructions with a picture?

Do you learn faster via a video tutorial?

Congratulations!  Jing is developed for visual people like you…and me!

Jing is a free software that allows you to:

  • take screenshots of your screen, put text or arrows in the image and other annotations, to explain further your point
  • record screencast of about 5 minutes long, for example, to show a funny movie or to demonstrate how to do things or explain matters

More importantly, Jing allows you to share the screenshot and screencast with your friends IMMEDIATELY!

Jing is a favorite tool among VAs, as it allows us to confirm, clarify, verify instructions from our clients!  Jing is so easy and intuitive to use!

Go ahead and view the tutorial below and start enjoying Jing!

Live a Positively Awesome Life,


P.S.  In what way did Jing help your business?