How To Use Backupify


Imagine this…

You wake up one morning, turn on your computer, open your email eager to see updates on your business… only to find out that your account is HACKED!

Has this happened to you?  It happened to me several years ago. I’m pretty sure you know someone who has horror stories about losing their Gmail or FB accounts.

It can also happen to you.

Avoid the hassle!  Simply back up your online accounts!  Think of it this way, you can sleep better by knowing that your online accounts are safe and secure from hackers and even from yourself!

Yes… protect from YOURSELF!

You can accidentally hit that delete button and all your contacts, messages, and files — ALL OF THEM — will be nonexistent!

You’ll never know! You can be under a spell or super sleepy or trying on new settings or in a sudden burst of anger, you accidentally click DELETE!

Save yourself from the agony, here’s a free tool for you:  BACKUPIFY!



Watch the tutorial below and sleep soundly!


Live a Positively Awesome Life,




P.S. Can you back up happy memories?