A Pat On My Back From My Mentor


Positively Awesome VA and Jomar Hilario

Positively Awesome VA and Jomar Hilario

Last weekend, I had the privilege to work with my mentor, Jomar Hilario.

I was the Team Lead for the staff volunteers and at the same time, the host of the 2012 Facebook Marketing Expert Seminar.  Jomar shared the stage with another FB Expert, Jay Mclean.

As Team Lead, I feel fortunate for having  the support and cooperation of very professional and quick thinking staff volunteers namely Carmi, Rina, Macky, Darryl, Anna, Marlon, Mike, Eric, Loth and Ate Josie.  The event’s success wouldn’t be possible without our virtual experts, Ms. Nikki and Ms. Trina.  It was such a blessing to work with them.

The Team had a blast serving the participants and listening from the insights of Jomar and Jay.  A big AHA for me is lesson on LIKES IS NOT EQUAL TO SALES.

Initially, I thought that the more Likes is equivalent to sales, hence I was inviting everyone to be my friend!  It’s crazy!

Here’s my take-away from the FBME Event;

Earning from FB is possible, it requires my daily attention and creativity to keep my fanpage engaging.  I learned that it’s all about building relationships with your FB friends.  This is achieved primarily by providing greater value to them, that eventually mutual trust is developed and this makes sales possible.

As Staff Volunteers, we learned new strategies and insights that we can apply to our business as entrepreneurs and as VAs.  Plus, we went home with a bonus:  A pat on our back from our mentor!

Indeed, in this life, it is possible to have BOTH!


Enjoy a Positively Awesome Life,