How I Spent My First Christmas as a Virtual Assistant

positively awesome virtual assistant

November 1, 2012, I got hired as part-time Virtual Assistant.

December 1 – 28 2012, I found myself in the middle of a month-long Christmas sale launched by my client!

You can just imagine my excitement!

Days before the actual launch, me and my teammates were brushing up on marketing and copywriting.  It was indeed a crash course… there were hits and misses!  Good that we have a client who tells us to FAIL FORWARD and focus on the lessons.

Of course, we want the Christmas launch to be perfect and reach our target!  The project ended on the third week of December and we got great news:  We Reached Our GOAL!

It was indeed a MERRY AND EXCITING CHRISTMAS FOR ME!  I feel so blessed to be working with a great team!

Being busy with the project left me no time to feel sad on my last days as a government employee!  I’ll be forever thankful for the great moments and lasting friendships with my officemates!

Here’s your Positively Awesome Virtual Assistant after the end of the Christmas Project….

positively awesome VA


May you enjoy a meaningful and exciting holiday season!


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