How To Start Your Own VA Consultancy Business


Positively Awesome VA Consultancy and Sophia Jewellery, Inc.

Positively Awesome VA Consultancy and Sophia Jewellery, Inc.


At Your Service: Positively Awesome VA Consultancy


Last October, I quietly launched my Positively Awesome Virtual Assistant Consultancy.

It was launched upon the suggestion of one of the attendees of the Inner Circle Mastermind of Jomar.

During the mastermind session, I voiced out my restlessness as a VA. There is this hunger in me that seeks to be involved in another business.  I always see myself as a business person and I feel it’s already time to level up and be involved in another business.

Don’t get me wrong — I love my VA business!  This is where I experienced tremendous breakthroughs in a single year!  I am grateful for my client and the projects that he has assigned to me.  I am proud of the systems that I created that are now in place in our team.  I love my online team.  I need to level up.

This is where she advised me to stay close to my core and develop a new business from my core.  She suggested that I look into providing “Handholding Services” for entrepreneurs with virtual assistants.  It’s like guiding virtual assistants of businesspeople who need assistance in organizing their online tasks, guiding them in doing effective marketing in various social media channels, pointing them to resources that will make them more efficient and effective on their tasks.

This service will give more time for the businessperson to concentrate on growing her business rather than being involved in the daily online marketing operations.  The business person will simply state the vision and direction and let her VA with the VA consultant do the execution of the vision and plan.

I was smiling when I went home after the mastermind.

After several days I have my first client!


3 Tips On How To Start Your VA Consultancy Business

1.  Value the power of the mastermind.

2.  Be open to the solutions that will come up during the mastermind.

3.  Say YES to the best solution.

The coming together of minds from various perspectives, experiences and mindset, all working together to solve your problem, is a very powerful exercise.  Great masters can attest to the greatness of this activity and it has given birth to booming businesses around the world.


Here’s what my first client has to say:

“The many internet marketing trainings we attended left us confused and overwhelmed. We were so unsure of what to do and when to do them that we were paralyzed for months.

Jones, our “savior” held our hands, helped us sort out our priorities, and guided us towards the right direction. Now, our internet marketing efforts are finally on track. They now run smoothly and are bringing us the results we have always longed for.”

Myrna Tam Natividad

Vice President, Sophia Jewellery, Inc.


Now, can you guess who is this very special businesswoman who gave the right push that led the launching of Positively Awesome VA Consultancy Business?  I cannot thank her enough for the wisdom that she shared during the mastermind session and more importantly, for having the guts to take on a newbie VA consultant to “handhold” and guide her online team.


Live a Positively Awesome Life,