Confessions of An Information Junkie


This may be very familiar phase to many of you going on the route to self-improvement.

Have you done this?

After reading an article, you immediately open a new tab and head over to to look at the books mentioned by the author?

You lazily browse your emails and you suddenly get excited when you see the subject “Best Business Books For Bill Gates in 2014”.

Ganito ka rin ba?

The hunger for knowledge makes us want to read more about it.  Not yet satisfied with just reading the book, you go look at the FB Page and website of the author!

Then you suddenly see that he has an Asian Tour!

Do you immediately PM your like-minded friends to tell them about the good news?  Hanggang sa magkayayaan na kayo to book a flight and hotel and reserve a seat to the seminar!



Has this happened to you?

Well, you’re not alone.

I’ve been through that route.  I went through that route when I was an employee and when I was a business person.

There was even a phase in my life when I stopped attending seminars as I was already being called a SEMINAR JUNKIE – a seminarian or a seminarista in Tagalog.

Now that I have started my own virtual assistant business, I’m noticing that I’m taking the same route (na naman!)


Once A Seminar Junkie, Will Always Be A Seminar Junkie

Yes, it’s that same hunger for knowledge that will eventually lead to the success of my online business.

I’m now back on the same route… WITH A TWIST!

Instead of books and seminars…

Instead of heading over to BCG Fullybooked or SM MOA Powerbooks or National Bookstore…

I have new and unlimited sources of information:  You Tube, and the many free and paid online courses available!

Oh I’ve been a customer of Eban Pagan, Mike Filsaime, Andy Jenkins, Joe Vitale, Dan Kennedy, Jomar Hilario, Jay Mclean, Ramit Sethi, Tony Robbins, Robert Kiyosaki, Harv Eker … just to name a few.

Don’t get me wrong, they are very good teachers and mentors, it’s just that I’m getting their courses for the wrong reason.

There were times that I would buy online courses – at their introductory offers – for fear na baka tumaas ba ang prices nila – only to click on the membership links a month after!

I know that these courses will make my VA biz more valuable to clients – but I just don’t have the time to go through it right now (yes, that used to be me!).  I take comfort in the fact that should I need to learn it, I have access to the membership site.

Ha ha ha!  You can relate?


Your 1st Step To Avoid Being Just Another Information Junkie

Well, things have got to change.

Knowledge is not Power unless you ACT on it.

As an initial step, I’m carving out 1 hour learning time daily and this special hour is sacred.



This hour takes over the first this that I used to do in the morning:  Open my email.  (I know my clients will understand this)

This Learning Hour is in my online calendar and it’s in my Passion Planner (meron ka ba nito?)



The first week was a breeze as I got hold of a business book (yup, I’m back to my first love!) by Barbara Corcoran – Use What You’ve Got.  I enjoyed the experience and finished it in 1 week!

But it did not stop there, I took 1 lesson and applied it in my business.

The second week took a lot of adjustments but I finished Part 1 of a material by Dan Kennedy!  Hooraaayyy!

Again, it did not stop there, I took 1 lesson and applied it in creating headlines for posters!

On the third week,  I decided to re-read the same Dan Kennedy material (old habits are kicking in… ) hey, I’m still adjusting you know ha ha!

Again, it did not stop there, I took 1 lesson and applied it in creating FB Ads!  It truly feels weird to do the opposite of what the others are doing, but hey, I’m getting results for my client!  (that will be another story, promise!)

Because of this, I’m hooked on the sacred hour!

Moving on to the next week… there are still some challenges, but I’m moving forward and scanning my computer for some forgotten online course by a master.

I’m already on my 3rd week, would you care to join me in this journey?


Live a Positively Awesome Life,



P.S.  This story is inspired by a free webinar  on Myths and Facts About The VA Lifestyle.  During that webinar, Sweet Reyes and Ralph Solomon mentioned about having your own learning hour.

Watch the replay here and I hope it will have a profound impact on your life: