The ONE Thing I Learned From Philosophy

Can you see those powerful headlines?       Thanks:

Can you see those powerful headlines?

Now that 3 goals are sporting gleaming green check marks on my Passion Planner, what’s next?


You’re forgetting one important step to your journey to VA Success!

Without this step, you will eventually lose the drive to seek more goals.

Can you guess?

Crucial step: Celebrate Your Wins and Reward Thy Self!

Let’s back track a bit…

When I set my goals for January, I also promised a reward for myself once I have accomplished my goal.

My Promised Reward: 1 Bottle Pure Grace Perfume by Philosophy



So, after attending seeing Brother Bo Sanchez dancing and enjoying at The Feast in PICC, I headed over to Glorietta for a quick “celebration”.

I excitedly headed to the 2nd floor store of Philosophy in Glorietta and went straight to the perfume bottle, uncapped the bottle and took one sniff…

Ay bakit ganun I do not feel excited about the scent anymore!!!!

Then Came The Marketing Lesson

Wanting to look for an alternative reward, I browsed over the different products then came the lesson in marketing.

Amazing Grace

Pure Grace

Living Grace

Hope in a Jar

Miracle Worker

philosophy-grace-2  philosophy-products_article_new

These are just some of the names of the product lines in Philosophy.

Marketing AHA: Starting from the name of your service/product, you can convey the results or benefit that your customer will get

People in Philosophy know their customers well — 40 something women wanting to live inspired lives — that they named their products with names and words that truly resonate with them.

I have thrown their box but when you open the lid, out comes the message:

Believe in Miracles


I dunno if it’s because of Philosophy’s marketing or just because I just attended The Feast that I felt a small tingling in my heart upon seeing that message.

Ang galing, di ba?

That’s one marketing lesson for all of us!

Live A Positively Awesome Life,


So, what reward did I get for myself? I got myself the glorious Amazing Grace Lotion!

How about you? What’s your reward when you complete your goal for the month?

BTW, here’s a fitting reward for yourself that will help you draw the blueprint for your Escape Plan from 9-5 stressful living to living a life with time freedom while earning the income that you want.

Check it out now, until Feb 2 na lang: