#1 Short Cut To Overcoming Information Overload

Is there a shortcut to overcoming info overload?

Is there a shortcut to overcoming info overload?

As a virtual assistant, you only have one online BFF;  Si Google

However, as I try to google for information on how to serve my clients well as a Facebook Ads Marketer, a feeling of overwhelm is slowly creeping in…

Do you feel the same?

There’s a ton of information to learn, absorb and apply!

You feel buried under loads of information that you don’t know where to start, what to do next… that find yourself putting off the project, setting it aside for future and eventually forgetting about it, ikaw ba ito?

Did you feel the same way?  (Yes, many times over! – wink wink – from Jones!)

Did you stop and think, “There must be a better strategy in managing information!”

So, after feeling buried under terabytes of information, I discovered the shortcut to fighting the big O – as in overload (ikaw talaga!)

Here’s A ShortCut For You

The AHA moment came when I saw this quote:  It’s not what you  know but who you know.


I made it even better and  more applicable for virtual assistants  to help you overcome info overload…

Wait for it…

positively awesome virtual assistant


These are the experts who do what they teach

These are the experts who are getting the results that you want to get

These are the experts who are willing to teach what’s working for them


For social media, I now follow Guy Kawasaki, Peg Fitzpatrick and for easy to understand online lessons, Jomar Hilario.

You want a shortcut to fighting the big O – as in overload in information?


To become better in social media management, who do you follow?

Let me know in the comments section!


Live A Positively Awesome Life,



P.S.  Guy and Peg have a MUST read book for social media VAs.  Go get a copy:  http://jhilario.com/readtheartofsocialmedia

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