Top 5 Marketing Lessons From The #1 FM YouTube Channel in the Philippines Wish 107.5




I wasn’t prepared.

Thunderous applause, waving loyal fans, and heart pounding music greeted my son and me as we entered the Smart Araneta Coliseum last night.

Anticipation and excitement filled the air as we followed the young artists being ushered into the VIP area.

And then the awards night began…

This is the 2nd Wish 105.7 Music Awards, which recognizes Filipino musical talents and at the same time, gives the talented artists a venue to give back to the ministries that are close to their hearts.

Sitting close to the stage gave me a vantage view of the artists and their avid fans and guess what?

In between that space, there is something magical going on.  There is ONE important lesson (more of this in a bit!) that we marketers have to constantly learn and relearn.

… And I think this is the secret why Wish 107.5 slowly and surely earned the right to be known as the #1 FM YouTube Channel in the Philippines.





Here are the Top 5 Marketing lessons that I learned from the #1 FM YouTube Channel In The Philippines:

  1. Go where your customers are

One way they do this is via the Wish 107.5 bus with the program Roadshow, which is hosted by Robin Nievera (Yes, the son of Martin Nievera!  And yes, now you know my age!).

They figured their target audience, where they are, what are their fave activities, what are their hugot moments and more.

Armed with this data, they extend their reach by physically going to the places where their audience frequent and jam with them.


  1.  Be the solution to your customer’s problem

Wish 107.5 know each and every hugot moments of their audience and they provide relief via music and spread positive vibes to all their fans through programs such as Morning Wish, WishList, Whispers of Love, Moonlight Wishpers and more!



  1.  Create raving fans

When your audience feel that you understand and care for them, they transform into what we all marketers want: raving fans.

In this case, you become transformed from a fan to a Wisher, that’s what they call their avid fans.

  1.  Go global, promote collaboration

With the internet, this is easy to accomplish with Facebook, Twitter, YouTube as platforms.

But the people behind Wish 107.5 clearly understood the real meaning of going global.  They know that propping up these platforms are people and influencers.

They are reach out to other YouTube sensations and influencers, making them part of the awards night: as judges for the category Reactor’s Choice Award.

  1.  Give them what is close to their hearts

During the awards night, the winners in all categories got their gold trophies, certificates, and cash amounting to P 100,000 each.

The cash prize is handed over to the chosen beneficiary of the artist.  This allows the winners to share their blessings with their chosen ministries or charities.

What a nice way to win and give back your blessings, don’t you think?





After the awarding ceremony, we were ushered to meet some of the artists, producers, and new friends.

As my son is having his photo taken with Morisette, I glanced back at the long line of Wishers waiting for their moment with her and the winners.

Then came the ONE important lesson that we marketers need to learn.

There is this ONE magic ingredient that made Wish 107.5 the #1 FM YouTube Channel in the Philippines.

I can describe it in ONE word:  Connection.

It’s still about connecting with people.  Re-read all the 5 lessons above and you are on your way.

… BUT if you want to be NUMBER ONE in your field, be the ONE who connects people. Just like what Wish 107.5 is doing.

Be the venue for the artists and their fandoms to interact and boom!  You are immediately connected to Jason Dy’s Defenders, Darren Espato’s Darrenatics, The Juan’s Juanistas, Morisette’s Mowienatics, Daryl Ong’s Darlynatics and more!

Be the bridge of the artists to their audiences across the globe and earn the trust of 700,000 subscribers and 230 million views in YouTube!

Help influencers collaborate with other influencers to create something that touches the heart of their fans  and  going viral becomes a big bonus!

Now we have seen Wish 107.5 reaping the rewards.

But like you and me, they started small.  

They started with 10 subscribers in YouTube, 10 Likers in Facebook, 10 email subscribers, and faced the struggles that we now face as marketers.

But they kept in mind their real goal: Connecting people.

Never forget this lesson.

Now, go forth and build those strong connections!


Your Positively Awesome Virtual Assistant,

Jones 🙂


P.S.  Go click this link and check out the YouTube Channel of Wish 107.5

P.S.2 Personal: Thanks to the special person who invited my son and me to the awards night 🙂 Thanks sooo much for helping Marc have this photo with Morisette, turning on his #FanMode!